Village Yoga

Let the Sun Shine In!

Village Yoga Schedule:


Tuesdays |  6pm – 7pm
Thursdays (through Nov. 2) | 6 pm - 7 pm

Saturdays |  9:30am – 10:30am

Cost: $15 per class (cash only)





Village Yoga @ Beach Gardens Hotel

536 Antioch Avenue

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
(Look for the white, board fence and enter through the back gate. Parking is free.)


For more info please email:

PH: 954-610-6087

536 Antioch ave fort lauderdale fl 33304

536 Antioch ave fort lauderdale fl 33304

Village Yoga @ Beach Gardens Hotel 536 Antioch Ave. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304 For more info please email: PH:954-610-6087


About Village Yoga

We've created a sacred space for every body. 


Village Yoga certified instructors address the unique needs of every body. We offer safe, individualized practices that calm the mind and build flexibility in the body.


We’re a friendly and diverse North Beach Village community group that practices in a peaceful, tropical garden surrounded by mango and grapefruit trees with gentle sea breezes that create a retreat from hectic lifestyles. You’ll discover that yoga practice is not just about doing yoga postures properly but also about applying the lessons learned in our sacred garden to the real world.


At Village Yoga we practice Hatha Yoga – the most common and accessible form of yoga. Hatha Yoga uses postures (or asana) and conscious breathing (or pranayama) in combination with mental focus to develop awareness, flexibility, strength and blissful relaxation. Participants will be invited to experience new, natural ways of being, transcend self-imposed limitations and explore the self in new ways. 


Located between the Intracoastal and Fort Lauderdale Beach at the Beach Gardens Hotel, Village Yoga is open to students of all ages and abilities. Take the next steps today by making plans to join us.


General Guidelines


Coming late can be distracting. Please ensure that you're on time – this gives you time to settle in, too.


Please allow up to 3 hours after eating to practice. Please hydrate adequately prior to class and after.


Clothing should be loose enough to allow you to move freely. Gentlemen may want to wear a liner. Also, remember that classes are outside, and South Florida temperatures can vary, so dress appropriately.


In summer months, winged critters love the yoga platform (do you blame them?). We do have spray available.


Please bring a yoga mat (if you're a local), although we’ll have some to loan out. 


Please turn off all cell phones during class as any such noise can be disrupting.


Yoga and her complementary healing science, “Ayurveda,” ask us to go with the flow and tune into Nature. Due to our outdoor setting, we’ll be at the whim of Mother Nature. Please be patient with her if she does not cooperate with our regular schedule.