Work hard. Play hard.

Meditate in between.

Village Yoga Schedule:


Classes | Tuesdays:  6pm – 7pm  

                Saturdays:  9:30am – 10:30am

Cost: $15 per 1 hour session (cash or check)





Village Yoga @ Beach Gardens Hotel               

536 Antioch Avenue                                                          

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

For more info please email:

PH: 954-610-6087

536 Antioch ave fort lauderdale fl 33304

536 Antioch ave fort lauderdale fl 33304

Village Yoga @ Beach Gardens Hotel 536 Antioch Ave. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304 For more info please email: PH:954-610-6087

Why Yoga?

Yoga brings positive changes even after just one session. 


Some benefits most often experienced are calmness of mind, massage-like bodily relief and heightened awareness. Yoga asana physical postures essentially involves lengthening, strengthening and breathing techniques known since ancient times for a natural, regenerative effect.


That was the short answer. The really, really short answer is that yoga feels good. If you already feel great – that’s wonderful – yoga will enhance your physical flexibility and mental alertness. Ultimately, when you practice yoga, you’ll feel revitalized and begin to develop a stronger connection with yourself, others and the world around you.


  Why Village Yoga?

We've created a sacred space every body.


At Viillage Yoga we understand how busy life can be. Our instructors know that everyone has unique needs and so we offer safe, personalized solutions. With our skillful guidance yoga will help calm your mind and build flexibility in your body by clearing the agitating effects of hectic lifestyles.


We’re a friendly and diverse North Beach Village community group that meets at the Beach Gardens Hotel where tropical gardens, grapefruit trees and gentle sea breezes create a peaceful and secluded retreat. Located between the Intracoastal and Fort Lauderdale Beach, Beach Gardens Hotel and Village Yoga is open to new members and guests of all ages and abilities.


At Village Yoga we practice Hatha Yoga – the most common and accessible form of yoga. Hatha Yoga uses postures (or asana) and conscious breathing (or pranayama) in combination with mental focus to develop awareness, flexibility, strength and blissful relaxation.


Practicing yoga will ultimately help you center in the present, so that the illusory clouds of the past and the draining worries of the future clear away. You’re then able to focus on the unfolding moment. Unlocking the limitless potential of your body, mind and spirit will enhance your life – one breathe and pose at a time.  


Participants will be invited to experience new, natural ways of being and explore the self in new ways. Take the next steps today by making plans to join us. Make your past regretless and your future healthier and brighter with Village Yoga.